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Hi I'm Andy, I've been a trainer for 17 years and I absolutely love seeing the transformations my clients make. You get out what you put in !  


I come from being a very overweight young adult, yoyo-ed through my 20's and found consistency in my 30's and 40's.


Training and nutrition is a way of life, there is no end date. Fail this and you'll back to where you started from ..... I promise, I've been there.



I love a challenge, I enjoy training in a semi competitive environment. I've trained Functional fitness style training for the best part of 10years with a few years powerlifting training thrown in as well. I've also competed in 24 hour mountain bike events and adventure racing in the past !


I'm passionate about my work and helping people achieve the best versions of themselves.  I am a great believer that a healthy you leads to improvements in all aspects of your life not just fitness.



Join in now and commit, I promise you won't regret it.

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