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My name is Bev, I was 45, 40 kilos overweight and super unfit. Andy created a program for me that worked with my strengths, and helped improve my weaknesses. In 9 months I lost 32 kilos and my fitness and strength seriously improved with Andy’s help and support.

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I’m Leanne, Andy has played a huge part in changing my life! From a very unfit 80kg down to a very fit, very strong 60kg! I would certainly recommend Andy !

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Hi, my name is Irina, I love strength training but in July this year I had a different goal. Pass a beep test.  I was panicky !
Andy provided me with guidance and support, and I was able to pass it!
Moving on, he structured a program for me, specifically aimed to maintain my cardio fitness and strength, and then, when my goals changed, he amended the program accordingly. 
There is a lot of support ! I recommend you get in touch with Andy to discuss your goals. He is friendly and knowledgeable.



‘I have trained with Andy in real life and virtually and he helped me with fitting exercise into my ridiculously busy life. 
Andy was considerate of the challenges but didn’t let me off the hook! 
He is full of great ideas to make exercising possible and fun. 
His advice was great on nutrition too. 
If you want a trainer who listens to your needs and is creative with solutions then Andy is the one for you!’




IHi, I’m Claire and I’m a 38 year old part time public servant, wife of a shift working firefighter and a full time , so my life can be a little chaotic!
I have had a couple of big injuries (wrist and hip) over the last couple of years and I haven’t seen the scales move in a long time so to lose 2.4 kgs in 4 weeks is a massive bonus which I’m pretty stoked about! 
Andy has been great and I’m super grateful for his constant support, for helping me stay accountable and for kickstarting my motivation again! 


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"If you are after a PT that motivates, really listens, wants to help and cares. You're in the right place. Easy to use and comprehensive app for fitness, program made for you! Help with nutrition as well. I highly recommend Andy, my family saw the change in me and are coming onboard. Jump on the train and join Synergy Fitness Online PT."



Hi, I am Kaz, a 62 year old, fairly sedentary professional woman and mother. I started training with Andy only a few months before surgery for 2 total knee replacements, a nervous gym newbie. We worked on improving leg strength and flexibility, and upper body strength (that helped me early days post surgery!). 10 weeks later I was back and with Andy’s constant support, guidance. I can now say the knees are perfect, I'm strong and have been pain free for 5 years; I have a changed life ... I am forever grateful to Andy!



My name is Carly, I wanted to start training again after a long time of inactivity. Prior to training with Andy, I had written off ever training pain free from long term knee issues. Within a few short months of training combined with rehab exercises from Andy, I was able to jump, squat and lunge completely pain free and with long term exercises to ensure I stay that way. He is genuinely one of the nicest guys and I highly recommend him, especially if you’d given up training because of an injury or resigned to the fact you would never train pain free! 



My name is Naureen, I always struggle with motivation and love my food so self control is always difficult. Andy has tailor made me programs incorporating the exercises I enjoy (boxing for example) and focused on keeping things interesting but challenging to get me motivated. I can see a huge improvement in my strength and fitness levels and with his help, I am now focusing on nutrition. He is by far the best trainer I’ve had and I would highly recommend getting in touch with him!


I am a 40 year old working father of two who finally woke up that he needed to go to the gym consistently and eat better.  I never had to do so before.  I meet Andy  and saw the lifestyle he was demonstrating around his kids. It was the example I needed. 

I started consistently about 5 months ago with a goal to create a daily routine I could follow and was adaptable. I subscribed to his 12 week plan and have never looked back.  So far I lost 4.5kg.  Most would think that is not a lot in that amount of time, I was one of the them, until Andy told me to look at my belt. My belt has come in 4 belt holes!!!

I am stronger and feel better than I have ever. The symptoms of my chronic back issues are almost non-existent as well.  

I would recommend Andy to anyone, he is extremely knowledgeable, professional, motivating and not one to follow fads.  He is there with you every step of the way .  


‘Hi, my name is Greig. I have had both my ankles reconstructed, and have struggled with my weight as running was something I enjoyed and let me eat what I wanted.
Since my weight ballooned out to 114 kg. I have always been a regular gym user, but I was struggling to lose weight with what I had been doing.
I started to follow Andy on IG, and decided to contact him just before New Years 2018. Andy was able to work around my work schedule (I travel regularly) and within a week I had a workout program ready to go.
After the 12 week program I was weighing in at 104 kgs, I was lifting weights I hadn't been able to lift for years, I had to drill two new buckle holes in my belt and most importantly I am feeling fit again.
Andy offers a service and advice well above the other fitness instructors I have dealt with, and because of this, I have signed up again for another 12 week block.’

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